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Reminiscenza for Solo Cello by Arsentiy Kharitonov

Around Christmas 2016, I happened upon a recording of a pianist performing his own work. I was immediately taken by the music and had a crazy idea to reach out to the composer to see if he would be interested in writing a piece for me. The answer I received was "yes," and suddenly my Commission Project was underway. That composer's name is Arsentiy Kharitonov, a young Russian currently living in Texas. When he sent me the music a few months later I immediately fell in love with Reminiscenza. It's dark, passionate, engaging, and poetic. It speaks with a voice both from the past and the present. This is what music is about. Commissioning works from composers whose work I truly believe in, sharing it with the world, and simultaneously adding to the cello repertoire is a privilege and a passion. Thank you, Arsentiy, for letting your voice speak through my instrument.


Recorded at The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota