kabalevsky concerto no. 1 in g minor - largo -  for solo cello and cello quartet

This concerto is one that I have loved and joyfully come back to for years! I first played it when I was about ten years old and immediately fell in love with the second movement. Its composition is beautifully structured - the way Kabalevsky slowly builds intensity over time is truly amazing and leaves the listener with a pervading sense of both longing and satisfaction. It was a pleasure and a learning experience to work from the score and try to evoke the lushness of orchestra strings with a quartet of cellos! This arrangement got its premiere at the Sitka International Cello Seminar in summer 2017, and since then I've re-written some sections to make them more comfortable to play. It works very well as a stand-alone on a chamber music program, and yes, the famous horn/cello duet as a two-cello duet IS delicious.


bach suite no. 1 in g major for three cellos

My favorite part of my job as a musician is getting to meet so many brilliant, talented people. Patrick Laird is one of those people, and I'm lucky enough to call him not only a colleague but a close friend. He's an accomplished cellist and composer, the co-founder of a cello rock band (of which I'm a member), Break of Reality, and a cello/piano cover duo, Brooklyn Duo, recording engineer, and always has a store of great ideas waiting for an opportunity to manifest. One of those ideas was to arrange the first Bach Suite, originally written for solo cello, for three cellos. He had been mulling over the idea for a while, and upon discovering that I dabble in arranging, asked if I could tackle the project. I agreed, and the rest is history! Huge thanks to Patrick and Christine Lamprea, our beautiful and amazing third cellist.

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